Our Vision

Bake the best nutrient dense, plant-based, allergy-friendly desserts that nourish the mind, body, and soul, support health and wellness while respecting the environment and all living beings.

Our Story

Green Girl Bakeshop sprouted from the simple idea of creating allergy-friendly desserts that taste great, use whole, nutrient-dense ingredients, and support individuals wellness and vitality. Not only are we on a mission to make nostalgic desserts healthy, and free from most common allergens, we are determined to have them taste even better than the gluten and dairy versions; no more gluten free cookies that are gritty and chalk-like in taste and texture!

Now, Green Girl Bakeshop makes plant-based gelatos, meaning no unnatural stabilizers and nothing artificial. All of our baked goods are made fresh without hydrogenated oils, trans fats or any preservatives. Finally, there is a great tasting, organic, "free from" healthy dessert that people with food allergies and without can enjoy! 

About Lisa

Being born into an Italian family and having a chef father, our founder, Lisa Stoy, grew up learning the value of great tasting, quality foods. There was no such thing as store-bought, and the quality of your food was based on the ingredients. Lisa had a sweet tooth and loved being in the kitchen so much that it was common for her to rise early on a Saturday morning to bake coffee cake or run home after school to bake cookies. Lisa was always experimenting to find the best-tasting desserts that would win the approval of her family--and her own tummy.

Later in life, Lisa was diagnosed with a health condition and food allergies. She had to rediscover food and change the ingredients she used, and she decided to take on a plant-based lifestyle. As Lisa started to change her diet, she quickly discovered that a ‘vegan’ or ‘gluten-free’ label, didn’t necessarily mean healthy, and most vegan desserts were full of processed sugars and starches. After years of researching, she realized it was time to take the lessons she learned as a child and turn it into something sweet.